Technology Partners
We have technology agreements with European experts in the wind industry.
Norwin: 750KW
The company was founded in 1992 as an Engineering company by Engineers from the former wind turbine company, Danwin. Further the company designed and manufactured the first Active Stall Regulation turbine in the world in 1995. These turbines were manufactured in Germany by the company GET. Their 600 KW was further upgraded to 750KW and approved for installation in Denmark.
In 2007 the first contracts for license production of the NORWIN wind turbines were signed with partners in India and China. Together with the world famous Bahrain World Trade Centre project these were the foundation and beginning of what NORWIN is today. This turbine is certified by DNV, World leader's in certification of wind turbine.
The NORWIN licensees enjoy the market most thorough technology transfer together with a very highest quality wind turbine technology.
Lagerwey: 2.0MW
In 1979 Henk Lagerwey founded the first wind turbine company in the Netherlands.
From that time Lagerwey Wind Turbine BV designed and installed more than 1000 turbines in the range of 80 to 250 KW. In 2002 the first 2 MW turbines with direct drive permanent magnet generator was installed.
Since 2002 Lagerwey Wind BV is active in designing direct drive turbines in the multi mega watt class.
Advantages of the GWP82-2000kW:
The Lagerwey Wind design of the GWP82-2000kW direct drive turbine excels in simplicity and robustness. The aerodynamic performance of the pitch controlled rotor with well proven LM blades ensures a high energy yield under various circumstances. The mechanical power of the rotor is converted to electrical energy by the highly efficient permanent magnet direct drive generator. This generator is the heart of the turbine and is designed for long life time, high efficiency and low cost. The full power converter technology allows the system to operate in weak grid situations.
The tower top weight is low in relation to the competition. The costs of installation at site are relatively low because of the low weight of the heaviest components. Costs for service and maintenance are decreased as a result of the simple design.
Fuhrlander: 2.5MW
Early 1960s, the use of wind power generation company vision deeply attracted entrepreneurs. As a modern wind turbine power generation technology and one of the pioneers in the world quite a reputation, it is because the company has a reliable quality, production technology and industrialization in the world, many projects accumulated knowledge and experience, is one of many wind power operators and investors are most trustworthy partner.
Mr. Fuhrlander, the promoter of the company recipient of the German highest civilian award, the "Bundes Kreuz", for his training and development initiatives for young people in Germany and his global approach to wind energy business.
They started manufacturing 30 KW turbines in the year 1987 followed by 100, 250, 800 and 1000 KW