GWP 47 - 750 kW
GWP MY - 1500 kW
GWP 82 - 2000 kW
GWP 100 - 2500 kW
GWP MY - 1500 kW
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Technical Specification
The MY 1.5 Series Wind Turbine Generator was jointy developed by pioneers in the electric and wind turbine sectors Mingyang Electric and aerodyn Energiesystems Gmbh in 2007. With more than 50 years of combined experience in electrical and wind turbine design great care was taken to ensure that utmost quality and attention went into detail of the MY 1.5 Series Wind Turbine Generator. Germanischer Lloyd's issuing team verified elementally that all components in the design of today's MY 1.5 MW WTG were in complete compliance. The result is performance and quality second to none. The MY 1.5 MW WTG is designed to operate in extreme conditions and delivery unparalled output in all wind regimes.
Based on the conditions of different wind regimes and climatic characteristics, Ming Yang develops 1.5MW series of wind turbine of independent intellectual property rights, which attain the goals of "two high and one low" (namely, high generating capacity, high utilization rate and low cost) while their safety is ensured.
Main Features
  • An up wind, three blades, independent electrical pitch control, double-fed variable-speed wind turbine generator.
  • Offering multiple platforms and allows customers to apply renewable energy solutions to all climatic conditions.
  • Specially designed blade characteristics optimize turbine performance in all wind regimes.
  • The two bearing design offers a more robust platform to reduce the gearbox wear due to unplanned thrust and impact loads. Protecting the gearbox means more performance and life to the investment.
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