Global Wind Power Limited (GWPL) an associated company of Reliance ADAG, is a leading Wind Turbine Manufacturer. World class facilities have been established in India to manufacture a range of wind turbines to cater to global markets including Tower Manufacturing Unit.
With highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines, GWPL offers solutions on making customers successful in deploying wind energy while lessening the impacts of fossil generation. We believe that the wind industry growth will be significant and will provide a viable alternative for power.
To expedite our ability to make a significant contribution to the energy issues, GWPL has entered into technical licence agreements with world leaders in this industry.
GWPL acquired technical Licence Agreement for Norwin GWP47-750kW, Lagerway GWP82-2000kW and Fuhrlander GWP100-2500kW.
GWPL has a well setup factory in Silvassa with skilled work force, wind energy experts of various disciplines at various levels.
GWPL is aware of the market necessity and are in the process of meeting the prerequisite of IPP customers. GWPL turbines are Class III turbines which is best suited for the low wind sites. These turbines are proven turbines in the market for its Performance and trouble free Operations.
The ISO certified manufacturing facilities are located in Silvassa, India with an annual manufacturing capacity of 600MW. The sales offices are at Mumbai and Chennai in India. GWPL have wind farm sites across the county and its own Operation and Maintenance team at Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Rajasthan. The manufacturing facility has QMS / EMS / OSHAS Certifications.
We have embarked on a journey to drive our energy economy to a greener and more sustainable future while promoting shareholder value. We invite you to join us.